335 car insurance in the test: Every eighth rate is excellent

Jede achte Autoversicherung bietet Top-Leistungen You can always rely on good motor insurance

  • According to a recent study, the quality of insurance conditions in motor insurance increases.
  • 89 of the rated 335 car insurance companies are excellent or very good from the point of view of the testers.
  • To change to a better car insurance, motorists have until 30 November time.

Motorists who want excellent car insurance can find at least one tariff that meets this requirement at AachenMünchener, Allianz, Alte Leipziger, Basler, Bavaria Direkt, Bruderhilfe, DEVK, Generali, Janitos and Ergo. This is the result of the current motor insurance test of the rating agencies Franke and Bornberg. For the second time, the analysts have assessed the insurance conditions of 335 auto insurance companies.

For this they have used 61 criteria . For example, does the insurer waive the objection of gross negligence ? Does he pay in collisions with animals regardless of which animal ran in front of the car? How is the insurance cover designed for natural disasters such as floods?

Car insurance: tariff diversity is growing steadily

Car insurance: tariff diversity is growing steadily

A comparison of car insurance shows that insurers often offer different car insurance policies. Some subdivide these from basic to premium protection, others allow protection to be supplemented with performance modules. Motorists can secure much more individual . However, the range of tariffs also means that the market is increasingly difficult to see through .

Tip: Comparison calculators for car insurance make it possible to compare a large number of car insurers online. However, if you want to change your provider, in most cases you will have to terminate it by November 30th .

40 car insurance companies secure the top mark

40 car insurance companies secure the top mark

The quality of motor insurance increases according to the test overall. Everyone can be cheap. The trick is to offer good performance at a competitive price , “commented Michael Franke of the rating agency. How much the car insurance costs, in the investigation of everything matters.

40 tariffs and thus every eighth car insurance receives in the current comparison the top grade “FFF”, which stands for outstanding achievements. 49 offers achieve an “FF +” rating. With 152 rates, the majority is rated “FF” (good).

According to the experts, current test winners in motor insurance include:

  • Bavaria Direkt – Comfort L
  • VHV – Classic Garant + Exclusive
  • DEVK – Premium
  • Basler – All-in
  • WWK – Cars plus
  • Janitos – Advanced
  • R + V – Police Plus
  • Generali – comfort protection Fully comprehensive premium
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