Physical POS: card payment

Physical POS: card payment

Physical POS: card payment

The most profitable solution for your business that also allows you to offer your customers the best services such as contactless payment, currency payment, etc.

Contract it now and give your business a boost. Also, if you request it before April 30, 2018, you will not pay the first two installments .

  • Advances on your monthly invoicing.
  • Contactless technologies.
  • Payment service in foreign currency.

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If until now a POS was just a card payment tool, the BBVA POS includes advantageous features for your business and your customers:

  • Advances on your monthly invoicing.
  • Contactless technology.
  • Payment service in foreign currency.

But it is also the most profitable for your business, since it is the only one in the market that offers you a flat rate.

The TPV BBVA will become a link between your bank, your business and your customers, simplifying and streamlining many important operations to boost your business and offer a quality service to your customers.

We put at your disposal the type of POS that best suits the nature and characteristics of your business:




The Mobile POS GPRS is perfect if you need total mobility inside and outside your premises , or if on the contrary, your business does not have a commercial premises.

  • What requirements are necessary? You just need to have GPRS phone coverage.
  • Advantages for your business
    • You will have full mobility almost anywhere.
    • You will enjoy greater speed and agility in the collections.
    • The communication costs are included in your monthly fee.


Wireless ADSL

Wireless ADSL

The ADSL Wireless POS is the perfect POS mode if you need total mobility within your premises .

  • What requirements are necessary? The only thing you need is to have an ADSL line in your store.
  • Advantages for your business
    • Total mobility within your establishment.
    • Speed ​​and agility in collections.
    • You will save on costs, since communications are included in your own ADSL rate.


Fixed RTC / ADSL

Fixed RTC / ADSL

The POS Terminal RTC / ADSL is the perfect POS mode if you do not need to make charges that require mobility in your business.

  • What requirements are necessary? You need to have a Conventional Telephone Network (RTC) in your business, or an ADSL Line of commerce.
  • Advantages for your business If you have an ADSL line in your business you will enjoy a faster payment, cost savings and you can have the telephone line while you are using the POS.


PC with or without reader

PC with or without reader

TPV PC with reader is the modality you need if your business has a specific software at the point of sale and does not require mobility outside the premises.

The POS without reader is the one that best suits your needs if you make sales by catalog, phone or email.

  • What requirements are necessary?
    • You need to have a PC and ADSL line of commerce. BBVA only provides access to the Tpv-PC website and the card reader if the merchant requests it.
    • Have the Redsys certification in case your business needs an integrated solution with your management software.
  • Advantages for your business
    • Starting to use it will be very easy, since it does not require that you have any special software installed on your PC.
    • By using ADSL, you will enjoy greater speed and cost savings.
    • The POS operation works from a web application so it will be very easy to use.
    • You can integrate the POS with the management software of your business.

You can choose the payment method that best suits your business:




It is a flat rate without additional costs up to a certain billing limit.

Includes the following services for your business (1) :

  • Billing through the BBVA POS , without any cost up to a certain billing limit, depending on the Bonus hired.
  • Free maintenance of the POS , with a commitment to repair and / or replacement in case of breakdown in less than 48 hours.
  • Technological commitment , TPVs with the most modern technology, including the possibility of requesting GPRS TPVs with digital signature.
  • Cost of free communications in the case of GPRS TPVs (mobile POS).


Choose the modality that best suits the billing of your Business and forget about extra expenses or commissions:


Bonuses Annual Billing (2) Monthly fee
Bonus 10 € 20,000 € 10 / month
Bonus 15 € 30,000 € 15 / month
20 bonus € 40,000 € 20 / month
Bonus 40 € 80,000 € 40 / month
Bonus 60 € 120,000 € 60 / month
120 bonus € 240,000 € 120 / month


Discount rate without

Discount rate without

It is an excellent discount rate on each transaction you make so that your customers can pay by card whenever they want, whatever the amount of their purchases and which costs you less:

  • No need to hire any additional product.
  • No additional costs per transaction.
  • No minimum purchase amount.

See legal text ico cerrado

(1) Conditions currently in force, BBVA reserves the right to change these conditions.

(2) In the case of exceeding the annual billing limit, a discount rate of 1.10% will be applied if the contracted bonus corresponds to the modalities Bonus 10 or Bonus 15 and 1.50% for the rest; This rate will be applied both to the operation whose amount causes that limit to be exceeded and to those that are made from that moment and until a new annual period begins, at which time the billing counter is set to zero.

Guarantee a better service to your customers and grow your business with the payment and financing options of the BBVA POS :


Advance POS

Advance POS

Immediate liquidity for your business.

Only with the BBVA POS, you can have an advance payment of up to 100% of your monthly average billing to meet the small liquidity needs without having to go to the bank .

The operation can be done directly from the POS itself , or through BBVA Net cash, bbva.es, BBVA app or the Advance Payment Card . The money will be deposited in the same account in which we pay you daily remittances.

To be able to start requesting the advances, you must have a minimum of 6 months of age with the BBVA * POS. From that moment you will receive the Advance Card with the following conditions:

  • Only a current advance provision is allowed.
  • It will advance up to 100% of the monthly average billing of the quarter, maximum € 15,000.
  • The available limit will depend on the average invoicing, so it will be updated monthly.
  • This financing option involves a commission of 2% in advance and a 20% withholding of the amount invoiced daily at the POS.
  • The maximum repayment term is 150 days. If there is no previous amortization, on day 150 the amount pending amortization will be charged to the associated account.


Payment with contactless

Payment with contactless

Do not make your clients wait.

For purchases under € 20, simply bring the card to the POS and print the receipt. And in case the amount exceeds this amount, it will only be necessary to enter the PIN code to authorize the operation.

In addition, for your customers it also means security, control and privacy by not having to lose contact with your card to manage the payment.

And it does not imply any additional expense for your Business.

Extends information about the Contactless experience .


DCC payment

Speak the language of your clients.

The Foreign Currency Payment Service (DCC) will allow your foreign customers to pay for their purchases in their own currency , knowing at the moment the exact amount of the same and the exchange rate applied.

With the DCC Payment Service, the POS terminal identifies foreign cards of non-euro currency and automatically offers the possibility of paying in euros or its equivalent .

This service does not imply an additional cost for your Business and allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition, offering your customers a value-added service .

Payment in foreign currency is available for Visa and MasterCard and for major currencies other than the euro such as the English pound, the US dollar, the Japanese yen, the Swiss franc, the Swedish krona, the Norwegian krone, the Danish krone, the Canadian dollar and the Australian dollar, among others.

In addition, even if your customer makes the payment in his own currency, your business will still receive the payment of the sale in euros.


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