Some tips to choose a good name for your business project


You have an idea for a business project. The mature, mold and decide to start it. One of the first steps, although not the most important or decisive, is to find the perfect name . Sometimes it can flow to the first or, even, be thought before beginning the march and others that requires a good time of maturation. Before this particular ‘challenge’ there are some tips.

The first and one of the most important tips is that it is a name that is easy to pronounce, read, write and even remember. Sometimes, a name can be a great idea but, in reality, it is an ordeal at the time of pronouncing it or writing it in an email. In this case, less is more and, therefore, it must be borne in mind that the shorter and more impressive, the better.


Along with that ‘facility’, the creative process until you find the right name is essential. Especially the fact of giving free rein to the imagination , without restrictions, through different techniques for it. In this process, always the collaboration of your partners or even family and friends can be very interesting and, ultimately, decisive to achieve the desired result.

In this creative process we must bear in mind that, despite the need to be as short and as impressive as possible, the ideal thing is that it is related in some way to the activity that the company is going to carry out . It is true that marrying both criteria is somewhat complex, but at least it has to be tried.

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Having come up with a handful of mature ideas, comes the most difficult: check domain availability , if there is a company with a similar name, or if that brand is currently registered . This step becomes a hard sieve, as it turns out that many of the options that you shuffled fall after that final check. That is why it is almost mandatory to have multiple options to avoid the ‘vacuum’.

And last, and not least, you have to de-dramatize. True, the name can say a lot about a company and even help a lot to its promotion and its launch. There’s no doubt. But, we must also bear in mind that in history there are countless examples of companies that have gone down in history with brands that, really, are not any example of ‘good practices’. Therefore, the best advice is: work on a good name , but do not spend too much energy on it. Surely, in the end it is not worth it.

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